Happy Be an Angel Day

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Hello and Happy Monday. I hope you fill your work week with Success That Rocks. Thank you for sharing this part of your day and thank you for the gift of your friendship.

Happy “Be an Angel Day.” A day whose purpose is to (remind us to) perform random acts of kindness and help those in need. A great reminder indeed . . .

It’s fun to look for opportunities to be an angel and help others. Smile, write a note to cheer someone, make a call to a loved one, take a dozen doughnuts (or peaches or apples) to work, put your phone away, compliment people, leave good tips . . .

And the list goes on with beautiful gifts we can give throughout every day.

Mostly . . Thank you for the gift of your friendship. I hope it’s filled with The Magic in Every Moment. Sending smiles and gratitude. Peace, Love, and Rock ‘n’ Roll!!!

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